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· Unrepentant sin: accumulating demons and giving them a “foothold” in our lives 

· Haunted Houses

· How to ‘Cleanse’ or Dedicate the “Leprous [Haunted] House” 



We must fully realize that Jesus has already completely redeemed us at the moment we truly accepted Him as our personal Lord, God, and Savior, (1 Pt. 2:9-10; Col. 1:13-19; 2:11-15.)  Except for the fact that our minds must be constantly renewed through the truth of His Word and the truth about everything that affect us, we are completely free in Christ — unless we unrepentantly choose to live in denial and remain in darkness, of course.  It is only Jesus’ truth that can set us free forever, (Jn. 8:32-33.)  Growing in truth concerning all things is therefore a lifelong transformation in Christ as we become what we believe we are, (Rom. 12:1-2; 1 Pt. 1:9-14.)  That is why deception effectively enslave people to church systems and other forms of bondage.  We believe the lies that they tell us and fall under their control.  So, if we believe the devil can possess us while we are living in Christ, we can only imagine how many doors we open to him!  It is the truth about everything, (Jesus’ Word, religion, politics, abuse, ourselves and our own problems, other people, etc.) that sets us free, and which keeps us free in Christ. 

Therefore, if we do not understand God’s Word, our position of salvation, redemption and blessing in Him, and so forth, the devil steals the truth, and our freedom from us, (Mt. 13:19.)  Additionally, if we do not withstand the devil’s deceptions and onslaughts in whichever way he presents himself, we passively allow him to take what God had entrusted to us, (Jam. 4:7.)  It is therefore essential to, as soon as we are truly born again through personal faith in Christ, deal with all our personal sin such as deception, adultery, etcetera — or if people laid hands on us to possibly attach demons to us. 

Spirits are always transferred through the laying on of hands in the occult, and sadly, also in churches where false church norms, forms, and doctrines govern the lives and minds of leaders and their congregations.  The Scriptural laying on of hands must be done by laying holy hands on believers in the unmistakable leading of the Holy Spirit.  1 Tim. 2:8; 5:22, “Lay hands suddenly on no man.  [And do not allow just anyone else to lay hands on you.]  Keep yourself pure.”  The laying on of hands is Scriptural and carries great Holy Spirit power when done in His leading, but there is no New Testament mandate to use it to cast out demons.  All true believers have the power to heal the sick by laying hands on them — but only as God directs them to do, (Mark. 16:17-18.)  The laying on of hands is also used to confirm the ministry of those who were truly called by the Holy Spirit; dedicating them to God, (Acts 13:2-3.)     

We deal with our personal sin, which could possibly have brought us into bondage, by confessing it all to God in detail, asking His forgiveness, redemption and cleansing through the blood of Jesus.  After that, it is essential to ask God to “fill” us with the Holy Spirit, or to ask and allow the Spirit to take control of us as we surrender every area of our lives to His leading, (1 Jn. 1:5-10.)  [This is not the ‘baptism in the holy spirit,’ which we find in Pentecostal and other churches!] Someone wisely said the [continuous] cleansing of Jesus’ blood is the “believer’s bar of soap, which constantly cleanses us from our transgressions against God, other people, and ourselves.”  As said, confessing serious sin against other people, (such as slander, adultery and other types of abuse,) is vital because it is the only way to bring true healing to our relationships, as such sin also taints our relationship with God, (Jam. 5:16-18; Mt. 5:23-24.)   

Repentance form all our personal sin, (to flee from it, reject it all, withstand it, and expose it where necessary,) must follow to keep us cleansed in Jesus’ blood.  Simultaneously, we must withstand the devil’s plans and wiles constantly in the truth of God and in the truth of all other things until he flees from us, taking his torment, deception, and enticement with him.  This might be a process which can severely test our faith in and commitment to Jesus.  All such active obedience to the Word and Spirit of God clashes with church deception and their easy ways out of demonic harassment.  However, obedience to the contextual Truth of Scripture is the only way to really grow spiritually and emotionally in Christ. 



I call spouses who peek at potential sex partners "Meerkats."  Meerkats are cute little rodent-like creatures that sit upright, stretching their necks to spy out their surroundings. However, human meerkats are not funny or cute like these little animals are. They might not know it, but according to Jesus, human meerkats are committing adultery and accumulating demons for themselves, (Mt. 5:27.) Left unconfessed and unrepented, those demons will help them to commit physical adultery, if constant adultery and fornication are not part of this double-minded lifestyle already; destroying their marriages and families.  Demons will become their controlling spirit ‘lovers,’ ‘husbands,’ and ‘wives;’ never allowing Godly human spouses in their lives, but constantly pushing their victims from one dirty encounter to another.  Because God is almighty and longsuffering, good spouses often suffer for a lifetime while holding on to “meerkats” without intervention from God — except to protect the innocent in ways we might never understand on this side of the grave. 

Demons will do everything in their power to get rid of good spouses and God’s institution, the family unit. Whether innocent spouses knowingly withstand them by obeying God's Moral Law commandments, prefer to live in denial, or remain oblivious to their destruction, innocent spouses and families will suffer as a result of adulterers and fornicators playing “Meerkat.”  All sin is inspired by the devil – which is not a reason to sin, as Jesus conquered him at the cross, (Col. 2:14.) But sin gets a hold on us as soon as we decidedly sin, because at that moment we give demons permission to control our thoughts and lives. Of course “we all sometimes sin,” but we must then take immediate action and choose to confess that sin and repent from it, (2 Tim. 2:25-26.)

It is easy to pick up a demon, but once it has a foothold in our thoughts; it is not easy to get rid of it. Of course Jesus cleanses us from all unrighteousness if we sincerely confess our sins, (1 Jn. 1:8-10.)  However, if we do not repent from that sin, the devil digs in his heels and the longer we commit that sin, the deeper he digs in until he totally controls us, and destroys us and those around us. The Moral Law, in Old Testament context, commands punishment for every single sin we commit. The Moral Law under Jesus' blood commands, “Sin not at all [and certainly do not continue in sin] so that there will be no punishment,” (Mt. 5:21-42.)

What to do about those who seriously sin against us?  Our own sin is easy to 'deal' with, [Jam. 5:15-17], but we cannot force others to repent. The “wages sin pays is death,” and Jesus came to bring Life. If we do not ‘deal’ with sin God’s Way, we face serious consequences. His forgiveness is not a cheap ‘whitewash’ that gives us a licence to continue in sin. The devil “does not come to us except to kill, steal and destroy.” Whatever happens between people is motivated by his destruction. The only way to deal with serious, unrepentant sin against us, is to obey Jesus’ commandment in Mt. 18:15-20, “If [someone] sins against you go tell him his fault between you and him alone… If he will not listen, take with you one or two witnesses… If he still refuses to listen tell it to the congregation [or Godly family, etc., who are able to assist in his/her healing by repentance.] If he will not hear the congregation, let him/her be to you like a heathen and a tax collector…”

The world buries its sins against one another and lives over it all – but such ceasefires cannot benefit us in any way. We can only live holy lives by obeying God’s Moral Law of Love. To confront our offenders is love not nastiness, because the aim is to restore them to us and to God. The serious sin we bury and allow others to bury, will always rot and contaminate everyone so that no one can be healed. The only ones that benefit from such weakness and disobedience to God are the demons that will pit people against one another until the end of the world. If Moral Law obedience cannot reconcile offenders to us and to Jesus, (although they might still feign Christianity,) it will save us, even if it does not save them. We must not only love others, we must also love ourselves enough to deal with every situation and sin that can give the devil a foothold in our thoughts and eventually, in our lives.

Jesus’ Moral Law is not our Guide to punish us but to prevent our punishment. Do not delay in dealing with sin. Demons are always behind it all. We “wrestle not against flesh and blood,” but with the demons that work through flesh and blood. If we can change the minds and ‘hearts’ of our sinning loved-ones and other blood-bought people in this world by obeying the Moral Law of Christ, we destroy the foothold of the devil before he can destroy our relationships and lives.  This might not always be possible because we can only decide for ourselves not for other people as well, but this is the commission, which Jesus gave to all His true disciples in Mt. 28:18-20. 



Supernatural phenomena permeate the planet and thus deserve further discussion from a Scriptural point of view.  Moving objects and strange noises in houses and roofs and even demonic attacks at night... Some of these phenomena might be natural, but God explained in Hab. 2:11, “The stone will cry out from the wall and the beam from the timbers [in the roof] will answer it.” Ps. 91:5-6, “You shall not be afraid of the terror by night… or of the pestilence that walks in darkness…”

Some say this is not literal but allegorical – I say it is both. Demons do pester people by manifesting in houses. If demons are not real, everything Jesus had done in our place in the wilderness, Gethsemane and on Golgotha was for nothing. Yet, it is not in vain that God declared in Col. 2:13-15, “You, being dead in our trespasses [your lost, cursed spiritual position without God…] He has made alive together with Him, having forgiven you all trespasses, having wiped out the handwriting of requirements that was against you… And He has taken it out of the way, having nailed it to the cross. Having disarmed principalities and powers, He made a public spectacle of them, triumphing over them in it.” The devil is a completely conquered foe. 

So, why do believers struggle to rid houses of demons in the light of such unchangeable truth? Jesus also promised that “These signs will follow those who believe: in My Name they will cast out demons…” and, “the Name of Jesus is the Name above all names, that at the Name of Jesus every knee must bow of those in heaven, on earth and under the earth, and every tongue must confess that He is Lord…” (Mark 16:16-18; Phil. 2:8-11.) If any of these manifestations are real, Jesus is more real, as He is the Creator of everything that lives, (1 Pt. 3:19; 2 Pt. 2:4.)

As always, the truth is in the context of the passage. Hab. 2:4-13, “Behold the proud, [there is nothing worse than a person who sins boundlessly because he serves only himself and cares nothing about anyone else,] his/her soul is not upright in him; but the just shall live by [humble] faith! Because he transgresses by wine [through the abuse of alcohol and drugs the sinner destroys his conscience…] and he/she does not stay at home because he/she enlarges his/her desire as hell and is like death, and cannot be satisfied… and loads him/herself with many pledges… [His/her priorities are not his/her home, wife/husband, children, job, but every evil thing that lures him/her away from being a God-fearing man/woman who keeps his/her promises.] Because of men’s blood, [he/she murders others spiritually, emotionally and even physically because] he/she covets evil gain for his/her house… plunders many people and sins against his/her soul. He/she gives shameful council to his/her house and builds [it] with iniquity… Woe to him/her… [because] the stone [buried sin] will cry out from the wall and the beam from the timbers will answer it.”

Such sinners, either male or female, will sooner or later be exposed for what they really are.

It is therefore never the ‘house’ that is haunted as a building is not alive in any way. Nor are these entities the ‘souls’ of people who died there. The dead is either in heaven or in hell and “know nothing [of what is going on here on earth.] Nevermore will they have a share in anything done under the sun,” (Eccl. 9:5-6.) It might be familiar demons left behind when the previous occupants moved as unrepented sin always rides on demonic power – but it is more likely that the people living there now have an unrepentant person in their midst. Such sin “gives the devil a foothold,” which always affects the whole family living there.

The Old Testament law commanded the following concerning “leprous houses,” “They shall take away the stones in which is the plague, [and the house must then be thoroughly scrubbed and cleaned...]” (Lev. 14:33-45.) This relates to the spiritual New Testament in terms of confession of sin to God and to one another (Jam. 5:15-18) and repentance; not so much to scrubbing the building — although removing truly occultic objects is necessary, (Deut. 18:10-14.) Once the ‘foothold of the devil’ is cleaned by the blood of the Lamb, (Rev. 12:11,) and the offender has submitted to God, the “leprosy” must go, (Lev. 14:43-45.) If it spreads instead, the house must be destroyed. Under the New Testament Covenant, this refers to Jesus’ commandments to dealing with unrepentant sinners. If repentance does not flow from obedience to Jesus' commandments in (Mt. 18:15-20,) the hardened sinner must become “as a heathen and a tax collector” to protect the innocent involved.

So, even Jesus’ disciples who followed Him closely, said, “This is a hard saying; who can [bear] this?” When He heard them complain, Jesus said, “Does this offend you? …There are some who do not believe [and therefore do not obey Me.] Then many of His disciples went back and walked with Him no more… But Peter said, ‘Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life!” (Jn. 6:60-68.) 



As seen in the first part of “Haunted Houses,” terrible things happened there and so, God allowed demons to dwell and manifest there.  In Lev. 14:33-53 and Hab. 2:11, God demonstrates He allows demonic activity there so the “plague” can be dealt with according to His Word, (Hab. 2:9-12; Mt. 18:15-20; 1 Cor. 5:12-13.)  We must, as far as possible, avoid bad, unrepentant company, not to be infected with the ‘leprosy’ of it; attaching demons to us, our homes and our loved ones, (1 Cor. 15:33.) 

The Matthew Henry’s Commentary states, “Where sin reigns in a house, it is a plague there, as it is in the heart, [mind, and life of those who are affected by it.]  We must be vigilant against the first appearance of unrepentant sin and put the iniquity far away from our homes… [and lives,] because it will be the ruin of families, [marriages and believers.]  Thus, we must take attentive care of ourselves,” [our marriages, families, assemblies, and everyone and everything God had entrusted to us.] 

The “healing and cleansing” law from the Old Testament, which was written as an ‘example’ for Jesus’ believers, (not to follow God ceremonially or outwardly, but to interpret His Word in New Covenant Light), is one of the clearest Old Covenant symbols of Jesus completed work in our place, (Lev. 14:35-57; 1 Cor. 10:11; Rom. 15:4.) 

In the New Testament it relates directly to “dedicating” our “homes” or rather ourselves to Jesus: to “cleanse” or make “holy” our “healed” or ‘delivered’ homes [or actually ourselves and our loved ones] to live there in peace.

Old Israel apparently “dedicated” their houses by “living” in it in holy ways.  They occupied their homes while giving God all the glory and praise for entrusting the house and their family to them; (Deut. 20:5) “claiming” it as their God-given “territory,” and worshiping God for the great privilege to welcome the presence of His Spirit and angels there.  When such “dedication” lacked in a house, sin took over and it became “leprous,” dreadfully diseased and demon-infested. 

So, the purpose of Hab. 2 and Lev. 14 is to symbolize how unrepentant people, who eventually repented from spiritual ‘leprosy,’ which caused their homes to be “haunted,” must proceed with their new lives in Christ.  In Lev. 14:48-57, the Old Levitical priest, (now as examples or symbols of our full atonement in Jesus,) had to proceed by “cleansing” the house that was “healed from leprosy” or demonization from unrepentant sin.  

(V. 49:) He had to take “two birds, cedar [pine] wood, scarlet and hyssop. 

(v. 50:) One of the birds had to be killed in an earthen vessel over running water.  [It does not seem as if the blood and water mix here.  The blood is in the vessel with the water running underneath it.  Both the water and the blood have significant New Testament meaning.  1 Jn. 5:6, “This is He Who came by water and blood - Jesus Christ… and it is the Spirit Who bears witness, because the Spirit IS truth.”]   

(v. 51:) “The cedar wood, hyssop, scarlet and the living bird must then be dipped in the blood of the slain bird and [then] in the running water, (1 Jn. 5:8.)  The house must be sprinkled 7 times.  (V. 52,)  [Thus] the house shall be cleansed with the blood and the running water… 

Then the “dipped” living bird must be loosed outside the city in the open field to make atonement for the house, and it shall be clean. 

(V. 54-57,) This is the law of leprosy for any leprous sore, scale, garment, house, swelling, scab, and bright spot…”    

Cedar wood is pine wood, which represents preservation in Christ. 2 Ths. 3:3, “But the Lord is faithful, Who will establish you and guard [or preserve] you from the [onslaughts of the] evil one.”   

Hyssop is a bush used for healing purposes, which represents Jesus healing through His wounds.  Isa. 5:4-5, “…By His stripes you are healed…”  

Scarlet is scarce, blood red, permanent dye, which possibly represents the permanent price, which Jesus paid for our lostness, cursedness and bondage without God. Gal. 3:13-15, “Christ has redeemed you from the curse of the law, having become a curse for us… that the blessing of Abraham might come upon [all those who truly accepted Jesus, Jn. 1:12-13.]”      

The two birds, (the blood of one and the other one dipped in blood and set free to carry the ‘plague’ of sin far away,) are an allegory of Jesus’ full atonement on the cross, when He established His New Testament blood-covenant for us for all eternity, (Col. 2:14, “…He has disarmed principalities and powers… triumphing over them…”  Rev. 12:11, “They overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony [because] they did not love their lives [even] to death.”    

The bird dipped in the blood, cedar, hyssop and scarlet is a “scapegoat” as described in the Mosaic Law, which carried the sins of the Old Israelites far away, (Lev. 16:5-23; 17:11.)  All these rituals and blood sacrifices pointed toward Jesus, the perfect Lamb of God, Who was sacrificed on the cross in our place.  Jn. 1:29, “There is the Lamb of God, Who takes away the sin of the whole [truly believing] world!”   

The “running” or “living” water is the symbol of the cleansing, saving, redeeming, blessing Word of God; the contextual truth of the Bible, (Jn. 1:1-3.)  Jesus said in Jn. 4:14, “…Whoever drinks of the water that I shall give him will never thirst.  But the water that I shall give him will become IN him a fountain of water springing up into everlasting life,” (Jer. 2:13; 17:3.) Jn. 7:37-39, “…If anyone thirsts [for salvation, redemption, healing, blessing…] let him come to Me and drink.  He who [truly] believes in Me, as the Scripture has said, out of his heart [blood-cleansed human spirit, Jn. 1:12-13; 3:3-5,] will flow a spring of living water.  This He spoke concerning the Spirit, whom those believing in Him would receive [after Golgotha at Pentecost,] for the Holy Spirit was not yet given, because Jesus was not yet glorified [crucified, resurrected, and ascended.]” 

From these symbols, translated into New Testament realities in Christ, it is obvious that all believers, (especially those who persisted in unrepentant sin after accepting Christ,) must live in obedience to the Moral Law of Christ and in everything He did for us in our place, so that “we sin no more, [unrepentantly] lest a worse thing comes upon us,” (Jn. 5:14.) 

Jesus said, if a spirit “goes out” [from a person who was “delivered from the power of darkness at the moment of his rebirth in Christ,  (Jn. 1:12-13; 3:3-5; Col. 1:13-14,)] and that spirit returns to find his “house empty,” [because the person never grew in Christ through obedience to the Spirit and the truth of His Word,] he will bring seven demons worse than himself and they will enter and live there, “and the condition of the last state of that man will be worse than the first,” (Mt. 12:43-45.) 

It is therefore vital that the house and its occupants, as every other part of our lives, must be wholly dedicated to God. 

Þ We must dedicate ourselves wholly by surrendering ourselves entirely to Jesus in spirit, soul, and body, and following Him in the truth of His contextual Word.  Without such total dedication to Jesus, we will never be able to “withstand” or “overcome” the devil, (Jam. 4:7; Rev. 12:11.) 

Þ We must then repent from all forms of moral sin, and deal as far as possible, with the people living in our homes and others pertaining to our lives in the same way, (Jam. 4:4-10; Mt. 18:15-20; Jam. 5:16.) 

Þ After that, we must dedicate our homes and everyone and everything else God had entrusted to us to Him in prayer. 

Þ We must also remove all occult objects such as ‘Mother’ Mary, Buddha, Hindu, and other statues that were made for religious and other types of occult purposes.  This does not include every painting and ornament, as churches teach.  God gave people marvelous gifts to make beautiful art, (which does not relate to the occult or religion,) for us to enjoy.  It is actually written in Ex. 20:1-6, “[I have brought you completely out of the house of bondage, and so,] you shall have no other gods [anything occultic you revere as something with ‘spiritual’ use or power] before [or near] Me.  You shall not make for yourself a cared image of any likeness [of anything] to bow down to or to serve them.  [God is clearly speaking about false gods, and occult and Christian objects, not innocent art.]”       

Þ We must then withstand the devil by first thanking and praising Jesus for all His marvelous gifts; praying His blood cleansing, angelic protection, and Holy Spirit control over us, our loved ones, and everything else God had entrusted to us, submitting and dedicating it all to Him Alone. 

Þ Then, as “faithful stewards,” we must “withstand” the devil by telling him outright that the blood of Jesus conquered him completely, (Rev. 12:11.)  Our homes, loved ones and everything else pertaining to our lives, are “holy ground” because it all belongs to Jesus.  It was all cleansed by His blood, and is therefore under the protection of His Mighty angels and the control of His Holy Spirit.  It is therefore our “territory,” which God had entrusted to us.  We have the “legal” right to occupy our homes holy and peacefully, and no evil spirit, (evil human spirits of living people such as those who curse and hate us too,) have any place or right here.  

Þ In the Name of Jesus, we may then cast out all evil spirits and ask God to remove all evil human spirits of those who hate and try to harm us, and to not only cleanse our entire homes and everything else, but to constantly protect it all; closing all demonic and other ‘doors’ that were opened for demonic and other harassment upon us. 

Þ Praising God, worshipping Him, studying His Word in truth, and constantly living IN Him, while “withstanding” all evil onslaughts under His blood and in Holy-Spirit power, is then how we continuously ‘occupy’ our ‘territory.’ 


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