You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free

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Christians to become lukewarm and complacent in their walk and faith with God... This article will help us to know all the enemy’s schemes so that we will not be deceived… Bless you for being a cup of cool water from the Lord for me.  Deborah Thomas.  Pennsylvania, USA.  


Thank you so much for going the extra mile exposing the work of darkness, and not be ignorant of Satan's devices!  I’ve been looking for information on “non-directive therapy/counselling”  originated by Carl Rogers, due to the fact that a dear friend of mine in the Lord…  went to, as I understand, a Dominee… [minister] who is using this method to deal with childhood traumas and abuse and hurt. And she suggested that me and my wife should go, but I was concerned, as I do not just accept what people say but do research on the matter.  So when I saw that you have information on this on your website, I just praised my Father because I asked HIM to guide me by HIS Spirit, not to fall in a trap.  Blessings to you, Steven. 


I’ve been reading your various sites and appreciate the tremendous amount of work and dedication exhibited therein.  It is my special interest to look for only God’s truth and to not be taken in by false teaching and false teachers...  May God bless your ministry — Lauren Flegal, New Mexico, USA   

Dear Renette, I have been reading some of your articles tonight, the first time I have come across your site. I am a born again believer…  Renette I was witnessing to by those that say one must speak in tongues to be saved. This was the basis of my witnessing for many years until I left that church... I am in a church but I have felt for many years that 'church is done all wrong' and the music very secular with Christian words. Tithing is preached and not much about repentance or the second coming.  I am really feeling that what you have written is correct, I would like a copy of Relationship v Religion and the Witchcraft book if I may. I have friends who no longer go to church but still try to serve and listen to the Holy Spirit… I have been to China several times visiting brothers and sisters in house assemblies… [who are so sincere.]  But coming home I see the apathy, and realise that the people are not being disciples.  I live in Adelaide South Australia. Pauline R. 


I am still reading the book Secret Societies Control the Rise and Fall of Religions and the work therein is wonderful and so enlightening. When I look at Religion and her daughters with their false doctrines and dogmas, their uncontextual priestly hierarchies, I get so worried because of the millions of souls that are on the opposite side of the contextual Truth of the Bible, worse more,  their deadly loyalty to such deception. Thank God that the Spirit of truth has never left the world and he is working in the hearts of truly born again children of God.  May God increase the grace upon your ministry and all those standing in defense of the true gospel of the Kingdom. May God richly bless you as you continue harvesting souls for the Lord. The works of the Holy Spirit Who is in you have made me a new person and I sincerely pray that I will, by His unfailing love and abundant grace, stay true to this new found life in the Lord Jesus Christ.  The Holy Spirit through your writings has removed specks from my eyes, unmasked Religion and I now see her for who she is; a shameless harlot!

You are a good friend Renette, you just helped me get on the right track and may the lord Jesus be glorified through your beautiful work.  God bless you dear.  Abraham.  


There are many organisations, as well as individuals, that pretend to express the truth about God and His Word/Gospel. There are also many groups that would put Jesus as our ‘Pure’ Saviour and in the process place God, Father, in the background. In reality you can not divide Father, Son and Holy Spirit. God, Father, will always remain Supreme. There can be many debate around this, but you live and experience this when facing Satan and his subordinates. These ‘creatures’ have the utmost respect for the “rank order” and authority of God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Even for the Godly Angels that God uses in His ‘ruling’ of the spiritual world.  Thus, it is greatly appreciated that there are people like yourselves that ‘hunt’ and teach the truth about God and His Word. I have learned that it does not matter what the world want you to believe as being the truth, God’s Truth will always appear/surface when you have a honest, humble and pure relationship with HIM. Much easier said than done as there are many that will try and convince you of what they believe in being the truth, which could just be the opposite. Unfortunately, many people in search of [God’s truth,] is rather desperate and have little knowledge of what the truth is, and they can be easily misled. — Pieter Gerber


Thank you for your amazing articles! - Martie. 


May I also thank you for your most excellent writings on 'abuse.' Renette, you (by God's providential grace) have helped me more than I have adequate words to express – thank you so very, very much, and may God bless you abundantly.  Gloria 


Good morning, God richly bless you for the life giving food I have just read on you website.  Surely the Lord will not forget your good works…  Thanks be to the Almighty God for the abundant grace that he has poured upon you regarding the distribution of the true gospel to the world through your ministry.  I have been learning a lot through your writings and I am slowly getting enlightened by the word of truth. May the faithful and good Lord bless you and the works of your hands in Jesus’ Name. I am concerned about the vast variety of BIBLE versions around and some of them seem to have changed the contextual meaning of many scriptures and this has worried me a lot. Kindly help me choose a genuine version of Bible translation, I don’t want to be misled by  reading a wrong Bible, I have been using the New International Version Mostly, Kindly advise.  Regards, Abraham Mubambe. 


Your books and articles are wonderful, praise God for those who are willing to speak the truth!  I am distributing them to all my family and friends.  Elsie van der Westhuizen


I am Pollie Gerber from Bethlehem in the Free State,  Firstly thank you very much for all the truth ..  Your articles helped me to get really free !!!  Ek wil baie graag daardie twee boeke van julle koop...  [I really want to buy those books of yours.]


Renette, if possible could you let me have some of the above mentioned books for the outreach ministry.  I discovered your site while searching for spiritual truths regarding tithing.

I thank God for people like you who count it not a cost to expose the truth of God's Word.

We are in the last days and the false prophets are busy snaring the lukewarm Christians to another Gospel.  The Lord God richly continue to bless you and yours as you continue to expound the truth.  Yours in Christ,  Peter Andrews


If people, both the saved and unsaved, were to understand your work and book "Relationship v Religion," then they would start preparing themselves for return of the Lord as of yesterday. This work of yours is inspired and will assist people in shrugging off the ‘old man'.   Warren Grosch


I am so thrilled to have found your site while surfing for info on Heaven.  I have undertaken a personal study to find the truth about things I have been taught my whole life in church (preacher’s kid) that were perhaps incorrect or I perceived them incorrectly and have never really questioned them (usually, I can’t find anyone in the church that can answer me!)   Your site is like fresh air for me as I wish to know the opinions, thoughts and beliefs of others and to weigh them in my own mind.  Please send me your latest book as I devoutly search and hunger for the truth.  I assume it would be e-mailed for downloading?  I am printing out all your other articles from your site.  Thank you so much!  Sharon Hatley 


I read and printed the article on “why did Abraham tithe to Melchizedek,” and it addressed exactly what was my confusion. Exactly that! From the references you made, I went to look for them and I found more revelation knowledge, which say exactly what your article say…  Since I started reading your book and from the websites, I have become more renewed in understanding my position in Christ…  Renette, I have no strength to go to a church building on Sunday for there is nothing new I gain.  One or two Scriptures are read and that is it.  There is a famine for hearing the Word as Amos 8:11 says…  I am now ready to heed the Word of My Lord, “that a time will come…  [that it does not matter where we worship, for] true worshippers will worship in Spirit and in truth.”  I now know that I am part of the body of Christ and in me lives the Holy Spirit Who teaches me all things I need to know.  I thank the Almighty to have chosen me and to have connected me with you…  - Mbongi Ndlovu 

Good day.  I am searching for the book “Verdeelde Aarde.”  Your website speaks volumes.  I am sending your message into the whole world.  Thank you very much for your dedication to the Truth…”  Francois Seegers.  [Translated from Afrikaans.]


For the last 2 days I have been on your websites and have found incredible freedom in the teaching... Thank you for your boldness in ministering these truths - even when they often go against the grain of what most 21st century churches are teaching!  - Donna 


I recently discovered [] because I was researching the illuminati in SA, trying to figure out what is going on in my country…  Boer genocide which nobody is doing anything about, the most embarrassing president in the world, impending communism with the implementation of the NDR, the way Mandela has been elevated to a christ-like status—it just doesn’t make sense.  I have found your website extremely informative and enriching and have finally found some answers– thank you.  I will still be spending many hours/days/weeks/months reading all the articles!  Kind regards, Anja 


Hallo Renette.  Long Time.  I believe God has asked me to contact you to say that you are appreciated in the Kingdom.  When we set our sights on things above we know that in spite of the difficulties of this life, we have the victory in an awesome God.  I so love God and can assure you I am looking forward to the day when I meet Him face to face…  I would like to say that your books have changed many believers’ lives.  They at least have the basics and receive a lot of truthful knowledge from your books.  May your ministry continue to grow and be a blessing to many.  All the best, Butch Joubert. 

[Thanks for being obedient to God, my friend!] 


Thank you for your very informative article about tithing.  It is wonderfully explained how we could not pay tithes as did the Israelites’ in the old testament under the levitical law…  I do understand your teaching that make tithing a form of ‘lotto’ under the levitical law and therefore not worth following…  In 1 Pet it is said that Jesus is the cornerstone and we the living stones  to build up a spiritual house were we as holy priest offer up spiritual sacrifices that’s acceptable to God by Jesus Christ.  This is not again a house as the house of the Lord under the levitical laws, nor a priesthood after the law; BUT a spiritual house according to the Order of Melchizedek with Jesus as cornerstone and we as holy priests the living stones! …  I am not a minister or part of a ministry.  I am a housewife and mother of 3 beautiful daughters and I need to teach them about giving.  That is why I studied the bible to make sure that I teach them the uncompromising truth of God’s word.  I really liked your explanation about tithing…  Yours in Christ, Edna


I find your websites fascinating, with wonderful insight, shining light and exposing the works of darkness and the agendas of secret societies… You have put together so many pieces of the puzzle…  Thanks for the research you did.  It is an excellent piece of work.  Your sister in Christ,  Yolande 


Thank you for opening my eyes today, please pray for me to know God the creator and Jesus his Son to give me eternal life and every body who visit this site must know the truth of the living God Amen. Steven 


The Angels article I just read that Renette wrote is 100 % correct. I am a Holy Ghost filled Christian (saved, sanctified, Spirit filled ) and your writing is 100 % accurate about the angels of God— seeing it as scriptural from the Bible. Please let me know how I may obtain and read the books that are offered.  Thank you and may the Lord bless you all. Mike Joseph 


I saw this book, (Relationship VS Religion) from a friend Pastor of mine and just browsed through it.  I need to discover what is written in this book.  The Truth hidden.  Kind Regards, Pastor Cynthia Makoatsane 


Hungry for any of your books on Jesus.  Greetings Renette.  Your book Relationship Versus Religion is a book which gave me a proper understanding of our faith.  It changed my life forever.  Praise God.  Could you please bless me with 2 copies so that I can bless others in turn.  Also if you have anything else to read, I would be very grateful to you.  Best regards.  Bless you, Butch Joubert


Good evening in Jesus’ Name, I found your website quite by accident.  Or maybe it was by design!  I am sooo excited to be on a truly Bible-based website and to read your articles.  For a number of years now the Lord has been revealing to me how much slant is being preached from the pulpits.  And the cause is Scripture being taken out of context.  Also all the pseudo-pastors who are “spiritual salesmen” and their selling-commodity is Christianity.  I intercede regularly for the Church.  Jesus is returning soon and His bride is not ready…  God bless your ministry greatly!  Lyn Malherbe 


I have recently discovered your website.  I have just read your article on Seventh Day Adventists and I am devastated!  I was brought up in a devout Seventh Day Adventist home, attended the schools and was baptised as a teenager.  When I left school, I no longer attended the church regularly, relieved to be away from the strict environment.  I have been going through a great deal of info regarding freemasonry, and now feel quite sick after learning that SDA has roots in it!  Where do I go from here?  Regards, Dee Harris 


Renette, I am so blessed to have been the receiver of your book, Relationship VS Religion, I am out of words to describe my happiness.  Since I stated reading your book I cannot stop—very liberating.  It is changing me everyday, (my first article was about Tithing, and I couldn’t ignore your websites after that.  I lack words to express my gratitude.  Kind regards, Mbongiseni. 


Our church preaches tithing and giving three times during each sermon.  They are collecting money to build a church of 30 million rand.  Each member of the congregation must ‘buy’ a seat for twelve thousand rand in a fund-raising campaign.  It was amazing to read in your book what the Bible actually says about tithing and giving!  Thank you very much for declaring God’s truth.  Anonymous


Dear Sincere believers in Christ,

It is really an honor and privilege to know that there are still many of Gods Sons here on earth still fighting the good fight for the Truth to set one free through the Word of God. I have read your articles and I enjoyed every article that is aligned to the Word of God. I am always keen and seeking to please God in every aspect of my life. I belonged to an ‘apostolic household’ and I have found through the study of Gods infallible Word that many of this modern day ‘apostolic teaching’ is unbiblical and we create our very own golden calves with the ‘set man principle and spiritual fathering and now the new term “More Excellent Giving” in how to honour your ‘set man, spiritual father, apostolic source’….  I found in your articles on ‘giving without compulsion’ a blessing which I have also used to address the writer Randolph with regard to the principles in your article that is accurate and biblical in every way and I am awaiting his response...  God bless, Darryl 


Hi Renette,

I have just stumbled across your website as I was looking for something on Tithes.  What a revelation…  Sam Oosthuizen


My name is Thoriso J. Mokoena from Sasolburg Freestate. A true believer in Our Lord Christ Jesus In search of the truth and nothing but the truth, I came across a book by Mrs. Renette Vermeulen, 'Relationship versus Religion' at the local library and the moment I started reading it, right there and then, I knew I had found what I have been Looking for, the truth. I felt as though a weight had been lifted off my shoulders and finally I could see the light. The sad part about my story is the fact that I never got to finish it, given that I only had limited time with it. On the internet I found the Unbanned Bible Publications site and That's when I decided I must have a copy for myself…  T.J. Mokoena 


Dear Renette, It is an honor to serve Christ and to know that there are many believers like yourself who are so prepared to give all for the Kingdom. It is believers like you that make believers like me want to do the best and live according to God’s purpose for our lives….  I thank God for directing me to your site that is so accurate and biblically aligned…  You are truly a woman of valour in how you portray your Love for God and Love for His Children. May God continually use you for His Kingdom.  Stay blessed and rest in Christ….. Darryl 


I am so excited and passionate about the gospel of the kingdom. Ur book [Relationship VS Religion] is awesome. I thank our heavenly Father Jesus Christ for the enlightenment and accuracy to truth revealed in ur book. Many have wandered from the faith due to their lack of knowledge and also by their own lust for power, fame n fortune. This book together with the Bible are great tools that can "show us approved unto God." Many are living in bondage to the law and to the mercy of false teachers and manipulators due to erroneous teaching /doctrine…. I pray we can as a body help pull out of the pit those who are being led astray by demonic influences and reflectors of a "false light". Praise God for divine wisdom, knowledge and understanding. Continue to help liberate Gods people through the power of His  contextualised truth. Kevin Abraham 


Greetings in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ, It has been a pleasure to find your website and I am enjoying the findings which have been bothering me in so unrighteous way.  While on the internet, was first bothered as our Apostle at the Church once said that people who doesn't TITHE, after a certain period will be banished from the Church….  This is one of the things that are driving me out of this Church as it is based on the performance of individuals, and his favours as well…  Patrick Nene


I have been an elder in our traditional, Calvinist church for many years, but throughout the years I dreamt this dream repetitively.  I dreamt I was walking on a little winding path in the veldt.  Walking and walking and walking, without ever reaching any destination.  Then I would wake, just to dream the same dream again, some time later.  One day I went to the library, where I found your book, ‘Relationship Versus Religion.’  For the first time in my life, I understood the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ – and I also understood the dream!  During all those years without God, He was telling me again and again that I was on a road to nowhere.  A religious road without a relationship with Him!  Anonymous 


I really praise God for your books and articles, and would like to comment on the topic: ‘The Religious Beast From the Earth.’  Christian Socialists promote socialism as ‘true Christian love and sharing,’ but the Ten [Moral] Commandments still stand:  ‘Thou shallt not steal’ and ‘Thou shallt not covet thy neighbor’s goods.’  Socialism is legalized theft.  It is institutional envy.  The socialist doctrine of economic equality requires the stealing of property, and the prohibition of economic freedom. 

May you continue to really hear from God and help me to do likewise. 

I love and appreciate you dearly.    Michael Peteni 


You remind me of Paul, who also wrote to the body of Christ, warning them of spiritual dangers.  Keep up the good work!  Mercedes Simms 


I spent forty six years of my life in a hopeless darkness, but God used you to lead me to the light.  I’m not allowing myself to go back there – we know that God is with us always.  Vicky


I am reading ‘Relationship Versus Religion.’  Wow!  What a revelation.  Stay blessed in His work.  Roly Welman


My friend Ansie introduced your newsletter to me.  The material is priceless.  I have always been a person who wants to know.  But, it is only about the truth.  Praise God that some people are willing and obedient to speak the truth….  Juanita Holloway. 


We found your book in the library.  My husband Simon read it first.  We were touched by the truth in all the subjects you addressed, and went on our knees to ask the Father to put us in touch with you.  I was SO surprised when you answered the phone when I called.  We want books for all our friends and family.  We also gave the book to our pastor’s wife to read, and she is greatly impressed.  She will contact you soon to invite you to minister to our congregation.  Simon and Nell Schnetler 


Thank you very much for your prayers and for everything you send.  May God bless you in the work you are doing for Him here on earth.  We pray for you.  Joey Paynter


Wow Renette, as I feel led I am also promoting Jesus our Awesome God!  Do you have in your library, other teachings on ‘covering,’ ‘creation science,’ false doctrines, etc.?  Thank you for an ear and an understanding for Christ’s Great Commission!  Roly Welman 


“Hi Renette, you know, Satan has many tools, but deception is the handle that fits them all.  Thank you for exposing these tools.  Praise God for His greatness.  Love in Him,   Michael Peteni  


I am a miner, who nearly lost my life in a mining accident two years ago.  If I died at that moment, I would have opened my eyes in hell, but by the grace of God, He spared my life.  While I was on my slow way to recovery, a colleague, Bruce Webber, never left my side.  He also lent me a copy of the book, ‘Relationship Versus Religion,’ and God used that to open my eyes and save my soul.  Bruce also gave me a copy of your exposure of the Old Apostolic Church.  Do you have any other writings? Cassie le Roux  



Renette Vermeulen