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Jesus Himself and all His Bible-writers taught that hell is a spiritual-physical place, not like any place we know on earth, yet it is as real as can be.  Hell is an inescapable, spiritual prison filled with excruciating physical, spiritual, emotional pain and sorrow, where the damned live eternally in the burning “lake of fire,” which can never be extinguished, (Rev. 20:3,15.) 

Hell is also described in Scripture as “a bottomless pit” and a place of “darkness in the fire,” (Mt. 25:30.) 

A place where the tortured plead for mercy completely in vain, “chewing their tongues and gnashing their teeth” in unbearable pain, (Lu. 16:24.) 

Hell is an incomprehensibly dreadful place.  A deep dungeon without any way of escape, where no one can ever turn to God again.  Hell is a physical-spiritual abyss, which, according to the contextual truth of Scripture, God Himself created to confine and continually punish ever-living spirit creatures such as demons and the human spirits of deliberately disobedient and unrepentant people.  Because it is not a physical place, there is no end to hell.  As spirits, (both angelic or human spirits,)  can never die but live eternally, their torment in hell will never cease.  Spiritual bodies can never ‘burn out’ as physical bodies do.  According to the contextual truth of God’s Word, spirit bodies can feel all the pain, loneliness, and sorrow we can feel as humans, but they can never escape through death or a so-called ‘annihilation’ of the spirit at physical death.  Spirit bodies in hell burn, scream, plead, and gnash their teeth in utter desperation — with all the anguish and indescribable pain, which human bodies can feel on this side of the grave.  And this will continue for all eternity without any way of escape. 

Hell is not merely a ‘state of mind,’ temporal punishment, or a position of lostness outside the presence of God either.  To say hell does not exist, as Seventh Day Adventists, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Old and other Apostles, etcetera do, is one of the most dangerous lies ever told, according to the full contextual of New Testament truth. 

Additionally, there are no second chances after death.  God made it clear in Heb. 9:27 that the concept of Hindu/Buddhist reincarnation is a great deception.  God Himself declared inescapably, “It is appointed for all men once to die, and after that the certain judgment.”  This immovable statement of God Himself also nullifies the Roman Catholic teaching that there is a ‘temporal’ hell called ‘purgatory,’ where their church members are kept until those remaining have said their ten “Hail Marys” and seven “Hail Fathers,” and lit enough candles to let them ‘pass on’ to heaven.  Guiding lights and prayers for the dead originated and resides in paganism.  These lies are nowhere to be found in Scripture. 

Those who jeopardize for whatever reason their everlasting life in the presence of God and gamble in any way with eternity, deceive themselves into believing that hell is not a reality, (Lu. 16:19-31.)  But it is.  Hell is an everlasting certainty.

Currently, God still allows Satan to mislead, tempt, torture and murder His creatures and His creation, but there will come a day of reckoning for him and all his followers, (Rev. 13.)      

In That Day Michael, (not the Seventh Day Adventist/Jehovah’s Witnesses ‘Jesus,’) but the mighty archangel and leader of Gods angelic armies, will bind Satan and all his followers, human and demon, to cast them alive into the never-ending fire, Rev. 20:10.  

Dear reader, I plead with you to consider the fact that eternal life after physical death is a certainty. 

We will spend it either in heaven, worshipping at the throne of Christ, or in the eternal fires of hell, screaming and pleading for mercy, which will never come again. 

Please, please, make the right choice.  Nothing and no one on earth is worth forfeiting your eternal life in heaven for. 


Facebook post, 8.8.2017Someone asked: “WHERE WERE DEAD PEOPLE KEPT BEFORE GOLTOTHA?”

To answer truthfully, we must again look at everything in the context of “all Scripture.” Prosperity teachers will always use uncontextual verses to control believers. Paul commanded, “Test all things, [Bible verses too, to see how it fits into “all truth..”] (1 Ths. 5:21-22.) Let’s start with the twisting of “Hades” and “hell.” Jesus said in Mt. 16:18, “…And the gates of Hades [Greek; Sheol in Hebrew: the abode of the deceased or the spiritual dead without Christ,] shall not prevail against [you].” Most changed “Hades” to “hell.” and say we war against ‘hell;' and ’when Jesus died He went to “hell, He died spiritually, was [immeasurably] tortured by demons to further our atonement, got born again there, and preached the Gospel to all those demons!” {Joyce Myer; Kenneth Copeland, etc.} They also say He preached to those who could not be in heaven before Golgotha, and took them to heaven when He rose from the dead. 

But when Jesus died, He said, “It is finished!... Father, into Your hands I commit My spirit.” (Lu. 23:46; 43; Jn. 19:30.) [‘My atonement for humanity is done in full. My body will be in the grave [Hades] for three days and nights, but today, My spirit will be in Paradise.’] Jesus did not ‘finish’ our atonement in “hell!” He said to the man next to Him on the cross, “Today, [as soon as we die here,] you will be with Me in paradise,” [not in Hades, hell or “prison,”] (1 Pt. 3:19; 4:6.) It would be useless to war against “hell” where already condemned spirits are kept. Jesus suffered and died not for demons, but for all humanity, (Jn. 3:16.) It is impossible that while He was in the grave (physical death, or Hades) and His spirit in paradise, that He would preach to demons or to those who are suffering because they are being ‘born again in hell,’ or to those who did not hear the Gospel before they died.” Heb. 9:17 states, "Man will die once and thereafter the judgment.” Jesus leaves no open door for an escape from hell (Lu. 16:19-31,) and everyone will only be resurrected from Hades or the grave at His return on the clouds, (1 Cor. 15:12-19.) 

So, how will God judge those who never had the chance to hear the Gospel and repent? Rom. 2: 11-24, “There is no partiality with God. Those [Hebrews] who sinned without [keeping the O.T. law] perished [through disobedience to the Law.] For when the Gentiles, who do not have the [written] law, by nature do the things in the [Moral] law… they… show the work of the [Moral] law written is in their hearts; their conscience also bearing witness…. In The Day when God will judge [men] according to [Jesus’] Gospel…” That is why those who never heard the Gospel will be judged according to their obedience to the Moral Law, which is written on every human ‘heart.’ Everyone that ever lived on earth ‘knew’ one may not murder, steal, lie… 

Additionally, there is no evidence that the Garden in Eden and the Tree of Life moved from a physical ‘paradise’ to ‘heaven’ when Jesus died on the cross. Jesus is the Tree of Life, (Everlasting Life for all who would ‘eat’ of Him, Gen. 3:22,) and He is the omnipresent God; everywhere at the same time. So, Eden (Gen. 2:7-15,) was never called “Paradise” because Paradise is “Heaven,” (Rev. 22:1-3; 2:7,) while the Garden in Eden was a perfect, physical place on earth. Paul said he was caught up to Paradise, (2 Cor. 12:3-4.) If translators substituted the word ‘paradise’ with heaven or vice versa, it would still refer to God’s dwelling place in heaven. Same goes for “Abraham’s bosom,” (Lu. 16:22,) which, to Hebrews, meant a safe place after death, which Jesus called paradise or heaven. 

Before the cross, Jesus dealt explicitly with the Hebrew nation. Thus, when He explained in the rich man and Lazarus that the deceased go directly to either heaven or to hell at death; that no one ever gets out of heaven or hell again, and that no human spirit ever comes back after death to talk to the living, He spoke to them according to Hebrew perceptions of the afterlife, (Lu. 16:19-31.) Pharisees believed in the resurrection of the dead to account before God, while others think they are 'refined’ in Sheol first – like in Roman Catholic ‘purgatory.’ Sadducees believed they die and go to the grave; it’s all over. 'Hell’ in the minds of some Hebrews is Gehenna, a place of torture where the soul is cleansed, so God can save them, (Zech. 13:9.) but if we read this verse, we find that God does not speak of the afterlife.

Jesus’ description of hell is the place where the human spirits of lost people are incarcerated forever in suffering – and where the pre-flood demons, (Gen. 6,) are chained, (2 Pt. 2:4-6; Jude v. 6.) Everyone in hell is "reserved for eternal judgment.” Contextually, it can never be said that anyone can be shifted from hell to heaven. There exist no second chances after Jesus came to fetch us, like the false Rapture doctrine teaches, (Heb. 9:27; 2 Ths. 1:7-10.) When God judged Sodom and Gomorrah, He delivered Lot and his family, and on That same Day, he turned those cities into ashes because He “made them an example to those who afterward would live ungodly,” (2 Pt. 2:5-8.)  Again, no second chances. “When the Lord Jesus is revealed [once] from heaven with His mighty angels in flaming fire taking vengeance on those who do not know God [the lost without Christ] and those who do not obey the Gospel of our Lord… [disobedient Christians,] these shall be punished with everlasting destruction from the presence of the Lord… when He comes, in That Day; [all this in that One Day…]” (2 Ths. 1:7-10.)  [Again, no second chances.]  In Rev. 20:11-15, before God’s Great While Throne Judgment, all those, whose names were not written in the Book of Life, [heaven’s population register,] were judged according to their unrepentant [moral] sins, recorded in the books.  “Then Death [physical death] and Hades [the grave] were cast into the lake of fire.  [They will be destroyed forever.]  And if anyone not found [recorded] in the Book of Life was cast into the lake of fire, [hell.]” 

Conclusion: What about Jesus supposedly “descended into the lower parts of the earth,” [hell??] preaching to the spirits in ‘prison?’ The context of Eph. 4:1-12 does not speak of Jesus suffering and preaching in hell. It speaks of longsuffering, Godly love, oneness in faith and the gifts of the Spirit, through which He equips the saints. To be able to do this, (v. 7-11,) “Jesus first had to [suffer, die,] and descend into the [grave,] the lower parts of the earth. [ He then was risen after three days and nights, and after 40 days He] ascended on high. [Then, He sent the indwelling Holy Spirit, Who] led captivity, [those who were in spiritual death] captive [to Himself and eventually, to heaven through the preaching and truth of His Gospel.] He [also came to] give gifts to men.” 

To my mind, those verses that supposedly teach Jesus went to hell to save demons and the unsaved, were words placed there by the Roman Catholic Church and other Bible translators. 


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