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I am the author Renette Vermeulen. 

I published many Afrikaans short stories, novels and movie (television) scripts until Jesus rescued my soul spiritually from this broken world in 1988.  These publications were hard work, but in reality, they were mere finger-exercises to prepare me for God’s calling on my life.  Now, by His grace, I have a three-year theological diploma and a BA degree in human behavior, and I am a non-denominational, Scripturally born again disciple of the Most High God. 

I could have ministered in nearly any church, but chose to follow only the contextual truth of God’s entire Word, and not to submit to unscriptural doctrines, norms, and religious forms, which make pastors and other ministers rich and famous while misleading millions of people, for whom they will have to give an account before the judgment throne of Christ.   

What makes me different from most pastors and teachers, is that I am not interested in your money.  I do not want to control you, your life, or your time in any way.  I do not want you to convert to Christianity or to any other religion, or to any church or Christian denomination.  The Lord Jesus Christ of the Bible did not bring salvation through just another form of Scripture-twisting, money-making religion

God became a man to give spiritually dead, cursed humanity “a free inheritance” of salvation, blessing, and redemption; and spiritual freedom through personal faith in, and loving obedience to Him above all else, (Gal. 3:10-14.)  Therefore, my only desire is that you should personally meet the True God of the Bible, and choose to grow in Real Biblical knowledge of His Word on an ongoing basis.  Salvation, redemption, and complete blessing in Christ are solely based on personal choice.  All this is seated in a sincere relationship with the Most High God by following His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ Himself.  None of this can be found in manmade doctrines, church membership, rituals, rites, or so-called ‘saving’ sacraments.  Religious works and church membership can add absolutely nothing to the completed work of Jesus in our place, (Isa. 53:3-5; Gal. 2:21, Col. 2:9.) 


True believers must bring the purifying, preserving ‘salt’ and Gospel Light of Jesus Christ to the world.  In fact, Jesus sent His believers into the world to preach His real Gospel “as sheep among wolves.”  As a result, knowledge of the evil political and religious ways of the world “equips” us to recognize the strongholds of deception in our own minds first, in order to repent from all lies to grow in real knowledge, wisdom, and grace — and then to convey whatever God has taught us to those who would choose to accept it, [Jn. 18:36; 2 Cor. 10:3-6.] 


Rejecting all man-made doctrine, I believe in “the Godhead” as revealed in the full context of the Scriptures - Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, and I follow only the entire Truth of the Bible, (Col. 2:9: Mt. 28:19-20.) 

I believe and declare that Christ Jesus of the Bible is the God of all gods, the King of kings, and the Lord of lords. 

The Lord Jesus Christ suffered and died in the place of all humanity to atone in totality for our entire spiritual position of sin and cursedness without God, (Jn. 3:16; Rom. 3:23-24; Gal. 3:10-14.) 

I believe that the Son of God, the Lord Jesus Christ of the Bible, has risen bodily from the grave. 

I believe that Jesus Christ had ascended on high in His risen, glorified body, and is seated at the right hand of the Father. 

I believe that the Lord Jesus Christ Himself will return as unexpectedly “as a thief” to call His ecclesia, (His body of sincere believers,) from this earth, (1 Ths. 4:16-18; 1 Cor. 15:51-58.)  What’s more, Jesus Himself said that no one except God Himself knows when this will happen! 

I believe that the “whole world is under the power, sway, or control of the evil one” until the return of Christ when “every [stubborn] knee shall bow and every [ungodly] tongue will [also] confess that He is God and Lord,” and then “the kingdoms of this world will become the kingdoms of our God and His Christ, and He shall reign forever and ever!”  (1 Jn. 5:19; Rev. 11:15; 1 Cor. 15:24.) 


I believe that God the Holy Spirit calls every person on earth to accept the salvation, redemption (freedom) and blessing of God through His Son, Jesus Christ, (Jn. 3:16; 16:7-14.)  However, only those who sincerely and personally believe that Jesus is Lord; those who accept and follow Him wholeheartedly as their personal Savior and Redeemer, and choose to obey His Moral-Law commandments according to the “entirety of His Word,” are the children of God, (Rev. 5:9; Mt. 7:7-27; Jn. 14:21-24; 13:34.) 


I believe that good works will not and cannot save us; only the grace of God in Christ can save.  We are saved by our personal faith in Christ.  However, it is God’s great commandment to all His truly born again children to “abide” in Him through our constant, obedient, love-relationship with God the Father in the power of His Holy Spirit, according to the fullness of His entire Word, the Bible, (Rom. 3:21-28; Jn. 4:23-24; Jn. chapter 15.)  That is why Holy-Spirit led ‘works’ and repentance from sin especially, can never be excluded from our life in Christ, as obedience to the Moral Law of Love, or ‘works of mercy, love, and faith,’ prove our faith and born again position in the Lord Jesus Christ, (Jam. 2:14-20.) 


I believe in and experience the gifts, and the Scriptural power of the Holy Spirit, according to the entire context of the Word, and according to the will and timing of God for every particular situation in our lives, (Mark 16:16-18; 1 Cor. chapters 12;14.) 

I believe, according to the contextual truth of the Bible and from my own experience, that the Holy Spirit constantly indwells all the sincere believers of Jesus from the very moment they truly accept Him as their personal Lord and Savior; baptizing them supernaturally into the spiritual body of Christ at that same moment, and not when, (and if) they speak in tongues.  As any other gift, the gift of tongues is merely one of the many free and wonderful gifts, and signs of the indwelling Holy Spirit, (Gal. 4:6; 1 Cor. 6:19;  12:4-14; 14:1-25; Mark 16:16-18.) 

I believe the body, or bride of Christ is His ‘ecclesia,’ or the ‘called out assembly’ of sincere believers worldwide.  Individually, each Holy-Spirit indwelt member of His body is a temple, a “spiritual dwelling place of the Spirit.”  Together, all the members of His body form the living temple, or continual dwelling-place of the Holy Spirit here on earth, (1 Cor. 3:16; Acts 17:24-25; Heb. 3:6; Eph. 2:19-22.) 


I believe that the only Scriptural water-baptism, as demonstrated and commanded by the Lord Jesus Christ Himself, is the baptism of His believing disciples by immersion, according to their own, personal faith, acceptance, and confession of Jesus as their Lord and Savior, (Mt. 3:13-17; 28:19-20; Acts 8:37 — omitted by most new translations of the Bible.) 

Although the water-baptism of sincere disciples of Christ is not optional, even Scriptural baptism is merely the personal outward declaration of the inward transformation of the born again creature in Christ, and thus water baptism in itself has no ‘regenerative or saving power’ of its own, (Jn. 3:3-5; 2 Cor. 5:17.)  However, Scriptural water-baptism is a necessary step of faith in, and obedience to this important commandment of Christ, (Mt. 28:19-20; Rom. 6.) 


As the ‘whole world is under the sway of the evil one,’ the sincere disciples of Jesus are foreigners, pilgrims, and squatters in the dark spiritual dimension of the world, (1 Jn. 5:19; 1 Pet. 2:11.)  They are merely spiritual ‘kings and priests’ in God’s spiritual Kingdom, and are not called, as in the Old Testament dispensation, to rule countries or the world through politics and religion. True disciples of Christ have immense spiritual authority in His Name to combat the work of evil spiritual forces; which is not a ‘tool’ to abuse unbelievers, glorify believers, or violate the personal will of people, (Jn. 18:36; Mark 16:16-18; Eph. 6:10-20.  Not even God Himself violates the free will of man, or of angels

Free choice is a wonderful gift, which God has given to all His creatures.  The true God of the Bible is into making willing, loving disciples for His eternal spiritual Kingdom.  Slavery is Satan’s instrument of torture, while every “good and perfect gift is from above; from the Father of Lights, with Whom there is no variation or shadow of turning,” (Jam. 1:17.)  ‘Naturally’ then, sincere disciples will experience temptation, persecution and hardship  in this dimension, which will always be under the control of the Most High God Himself,  (1 Pet. 5:18; Jam. 4:7-8.)  Praise God, for Jesus has warned and promised beforehand, “If they persecuted Me, they will persecute you…  (Jn. 15:18-21.)  In the world you will have tribulation, but be of good cheer, for I have overcome the world!”  (Jn. 16:33; Acts 14:22.) 


God’s real Kingdom here on earth is not seated in any political party, religion, or any specific nation.  His Kingdom is “not of this world; it has no such origin or source.”  The Lord Jesus Christ Himself is The Truth, Light, Way, and Life, and no one comes to the Father, or remains or grows in Christ, except through personal faith in, and obedience to Him Personally.  The Kingdom of God is a Spiritual Kingdom, which resides only in the Scripturally born again ‘hearts’ or human spirits of Jesus’ sincerely believing disciples — the temple of the Holy Spirit.  (Jn. 14:6; Jn. 18:36; Jn. 3:3-5; 1 Cor. 6:17-20; Rom. 10:8-21.)  One cannot ‘join’ or ‘convert’ [switch] to the true Kingdom of God either here on earth, or in heaven.  Hence, Jesus commanded that His Gospel must be preached to every tongue, tribe, and nation to make personally believing disciples in Christ, not manmade church members, (Jn. 1:12-13;5; Jn. 3:3; 14;6; Mt. 28:19-20.) 


Because Jesus’ true Kingdom here on earth in the born again ‘hearts’ or human spirits of believers (Lu. 20-21; 1 Ths. 5:23) and in heaven is spiritual, the full context of Scripture states that He is not interested in toppling or changing the political and religious (temple and church) structures of this world to substitute them with a so-called ‘physical’ ‘kingdom of God’ here on earth.  That is why I reject the Kingdom-Now theology in all its various forms, which teaches that the whole physical world and everyone in it will be “improved” or “bettered” to be ‘saved’ in its current corrupted state, without the preaching and acceptance of the true Gospel of Christ — and just as importantly, without personal repentance from false beliefs and personal sin, (Jn. 18:36; Mt. 7:21-27.)   


Jesus taught that He will not restore this world and its kingdoms in their fallen state.  He prophesied that not everyone will choose to accept Him as their Lord and Savior, and sin and corruption will escalate during the end times, (Mt. 24; 7:21-24.)  This fallen world is destined for the fire.  Then, according to God’s promise, He will create “a new heaven and a new earth in which righteousness dwells,” (2 Pet. 3:7-14.) 

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