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Dots or orbs, fairies, color angels, and angel miracles 



"Tell us," Jesus’ disciples asked, "when will these [end-times] things be?  And what will be the [true] sign of Your coming, and the end of this world?" 

Jesus answered, "Take heed that no one deceives you, [for great deception will be the sign which marks the time, (Mt. 24:1-31.)]  For many false prophets [and teachers] will rise up and deceive many...  False christs and false prophets will rise and show great signs and wonders to deceive, if possible, even the elect, [sincerely born again believers.]  See, I have told you beforehand.  Therefore, if they say to you, 'Look, [the christ] is in the desert!' do not go, or 'Look, He is in the inner rooms!' do not believe it... for the Kingdom of God is within you," (Lu. 17:20-22.)   

The God of the Bible is indeed the God of miracles, but Scripture is not about the miracles themselves - it’s all about the God of real miracles, Whom we must love and follow.  Believers must know that Jesus forbade us to pursue miracle-makers and their great miracle-crusades!  We must seek only the Miraculous God of the Bible for Who He Is and no one else. 

Jesus even rebuked the signs-and-wonders-seeking scribes and Pharisees of His day, saying, “An evil and adulterous generation seeks after a sign, [because they are into miracles not into the truth of God,] and no sign will be given to it except the sign of… the Son of Man, Who will be three days and three nights in the heart of the earth…” (Mt. 12:39.) 



Disobedience to Scripture seriously endangers our lives and well-being here on earth, as well as our eternal lives in heaven.  Occult practices, especially, open spiritual ‘doors’ for demons in the form of fairies, orbs, etcetera, to contact humans, harass them, harm them, and even possess them.  Sorrowfully, these guiding and healing ‘angels’ are increasingly sought after by Christians.  While most believers are not into angel worship as such, many have been deceived to accept these strange entities as the ministering servants of God, His holy angels.  Even orbs are invited into some Christian services and welcomed as holy angels.  Thus, orbs manifest in exactly the same way in the Christian meetings as in plain old occultism. 

Angel and orb sightings began in earnest in Charismatic churches in 1997 and are increasing at a phenomenal rate.  Not surprisingly, these angel-orb sightings also manifest “miracles” such as ‘gold dust,’ ‘falling feathers,’ and ‘angel hair.’  These phenomena, also complete strangers to the truth of Scripture, were named "The Shekinah Dust Miracle," "The Shekinah Glory," etcetera.  However, Shekinah is the “feminine” spirit of the occult that frequently partners with the strange goddess Sophia or Mother Mary of the Roman Catholic Church! 

Regrettably, the deceived Christians who seek after these unscriptural ‘miracles,’ were never taught to “test the spirits to see whether they are of God,” (1 Ths. 5:21-22; 1 Jn. 4:1-4.)  And so, despite the stern warning of Jesus in Matthew 24 and other passages of Scripture, these demons, masquerading as angels, were loosened upon the souls and lives of millions of unsuspecting, blood-cleansed believers! 



False doctrines and dangerous, unscriptural practices in church meetings opened massive spiritual doors to the demonic world.  As a result, many Christians fell in love with their personal 'guiding' angels, 'guarding' angels, 'ministering' angels, 'healing' angels, ‘miracle’ angels, ‘teaching’ angels and so on, while real angels never draw attention to themselves. 

I can testify that, by God’s grace, a few times over the years, His holy angels did make their presence known to me.  However, this only occurred under dire circumstances, when I was in desperate need of God's reassurance, comfort, help, and protection.  Furthermore, I am, by faith, constantly aware of them by God’s peace that surrounds me. 

What’s more, none of these angels ever tried to introduce themselves by name, or make any personal contact with me.  Through their complete affiliation with God, holy angels will never attempt to be anything more than the humble servants of the Lord Jesus Christ that they are.  They will always focus our attention on Jesus.  I can honestly say that holy angels never openly tried to guide or teach me, because that is the work of the Holy Spirit, (Jn. 16:13.)  They have never attempted to solve my problems for me, impress me in any way, touch me, laugh with me, or mourn with me.  The few times they made their presence known to me, they came to do exactly what God had instructed them to do; nothing more, nothing less.  And  each time, I was so overwhelmed by God’s presence, I had to give God all the glory, honor and praise! 



I testified on the previous page about the three 'fairy lights' that pursued the man who banged on our garden gate late that night.  If I could doubt the “supernatural reality” of the spirit world after that experience, I had to be crazy.  Yet, sadly, the entities and manifestations mentioned in the question above were first recorded in the blood sacrificing religion of the ancient Druids and Celts.  So, the pretty fairy, elves, and gnome ornaments we can buy everywhere nowadays, are always entwined with pagan worship.  In paganism, fairies themselves, fairy lights, and dots or orbs, are mostly perceived as ‘good’ spirits and even as little ‘holy’ angels, but they can also be mischievous, spiteful ‘little’ bullies.  Some can even reveal themselves for what they really are:  downright evil.  There is nothing but a pretence of “good” in evil. 

The Bible never speaks of these mythical “little” creatures.  Christianity secretly adopted these entities at the formation of the church system under the rule of Fairy Godmother, who was Christianized as Mother Mary.  However, this does not make these entities benign spirits.  Evil spirits can choose to masquerade as ‘angels of light,’ the spirits of ‘deceased loved ones,’ and in numerous other forms.  So, it is no great feat for demons to transform themselves into adorable little fairies, dots or orbs, female angels, etcetera. 

In occult and occult-related practices such as New Age color-coding and reiki or “healing energy,” color angels and fairy-lights, otherwise known as orbs, are common manifestations that are accepted as “the presence of good energies” while they are in fact demons.  Although orbs are increasingly Christianized in our day, they are the manifestations of demons in the form of white or colored circles, which range from little dots or fairy lights, to circles of light more than a meter in diameter, and even larger.  Parapsychologists also believe that orbs are spirits or “the lingering energy of deceased animals or humans.”  Most orbs are white, but they can manifest in different colors.  In the occult, some people even believe they are “some type of UFO or space aliens."  New Agers, pagans, quantum-physicists and spiritualists all proclaim that orbs are “paranormal life forms, spiritual in nature.”  Hindus and others believe orbs are "the souls of dead people, trapped between dimensions." Scripturally, of course, this is utter nonsense, as Jesus explained in the parable of the rich man and Lazarus in Luke 16.  And Heb. 9:27 proclaims, “It is appointed for man to die once, and thereafter the judgment.” 


It is common for Hindu healers and other shamans (or witchdoctors) to be in contact with their guiding and helping orbs, as they can allegedly see into the spirit world via their “third eye,” presented by the red dot they paint on their foreheads.  Shadow chasers or ‘ghost hunters,’ who supposedly “research paranormal activity,” claim that “red is a color associated with an energy that seems to be on guard duty, often watching over a last outpost, or a loved one who has died.”  Most people reckon that a red orb is an angry spirit, a white orb is a holy spirit, and so on. 

Color has always been used in the so-called physical, mental, and emotional healing rituals of pagans.  So, they teach that wearing certain color clothing, for instance, can supposedly “let you absorb color angels [or actually demons] physically.”  Thus, New Age practitioners channel color angels, or rather, color demons into people through the ritual use of colored crystals and visualization. (See the discussion on abusing natural things God had created to glorify Satan.) 

Þ Please note that all the elements such as water and fire, and wonders such as color and crystals are God’s creation.  Hence, neither color nor crystals, nor anything else He created, is evil!  Should one buy anything God has created that was dedicated to the occult, we have the power, just as in sanctifying our food that was dedicated to occult entities, to pray over them and dedicate them to God, and thus to cleanse them from all occult attachments, (1 Tim. 4:5.)  Satan has no right to pervert the “very good” creation of God; as God did not create anything to be evil

The ritual consumption of color-coded food and water, and the ritual application of color-coded lights also allegedly let people absorb demons.  However, true believers have the power to cleanse food and drink that were dedicated to the occult through prayer and thanksgiving!  So, it is also a good idea to pray over things like furniture and clothing that does not advertise occult signs, (1 Tim. 4:5.)  One cannot ‘cleanse’ something like a T-shirt with a pentagram or a masonic sign on it.  But do not see a demon in everything.  The earth is the Lord’s, and everything He has created is good and holy! 

However, things that were made to showcase the occult or to use in the occult, (Christian and other relics such as ‘pictures of Jesus;’ and angel, Mary, Buddhist, and Hindu statues, including things such as ‘lucky charms,’ prayer beads,  dream-catchers, etcetera,) cannot be “cleansed” through prayer and thanksgiving.  They must be destroyed and even burnt with fire, (Acts 19:19.)  We must be wary of crosses in particular. It is not a Biblical symbol. The Bible does not have any such literal symbols. The Lord’s Supper, the baptism of believers, and the anointing of the sick with oil is all we find in the Bible. Crosses are primarily a Roman Catholic symbol, and Satanists automatically attach demons to them as far as possible. 

Þ Without seeing demons in everything like some uninformed believers do, it is always a good idea to stay far away from occult practices and traps, (Deut. 18:10-14.)  For instance, all statues and art are not demonic as they allege.     In Ex. 20:1-6, God forbids His people to worship “other gods” in the form of occult or religious statues and art — such as occult masks and other things related to ancestor worship, and as explained above.  However, all secular music, films, art, etcetera are not occultic as these people allege.  With supposedly good intentions such ‘house cleaners’ rob believers of precious gifts, talents, and blessings that can only come from the True Creator God of the Bible. 


It is also said that one can ‘absorb’ different ‘color vibrations’ [or demons,] through “music and writing, or by watching ‘color vibrant’ shows like ‘Merlyn, Roma, and the Starlight Citadel.’” This does not mean that if you walk past an icon or hear occult music, a demon automatically jumps on you.  Of course we must avoid pornography and other mind-bending things that has the power to instantly lead us into sin.  But Satan can only bring us into bondage to the occult if we willfully watch, listen to, and seek sin; and believe the lie he presents by becoming infatuated with the deception. 

Yet, it is of great concern that in various forms, these occult snares are presented to children and adults alike, and introduced through colorful TV shows and beautifully illustrated occult books.  Marvel Comics and Marvel Universe are known as ‘Otherworld.’  “As many others in the same category, they are based on the mythical Avalon from Celtic and Welsh mythology – or rather, demonology.”  In reality, the nearly countless occult books, films, TV shows, and other things that are disguised as ‘entertainment,’ are attacking millions of unsuspected souls to bring them into occult bondage.  Harry Potter books and films tower head and shoulders above all these demonic deceptions

Þ The ritual application of aromatherapy massages in New Age beauty therapy and holistic healing therapy such as reiki, reflexology, acupuncture and the like, are all infused with demons.  In fact, most ‘alternative medicines’ and their practitioners are related to some form of demon and ancestor worship, witchcraft, and the gods of Eastern religions.  Does this mean we are not allowed to make use of a physiotherapist when we need to be treated for a muscle spasm? Well, are you allowed to drive a car although masonic orders invented them?  If we must reject physicians because they reject God, we will hardly ever find any medical help.  We still remain human on this side of the grave.  So, it is a fact that God uses our pagan motor mechanics, doctors, plumbers, builders, etcetera to bless us.  The problem is when we, for instance, allow a physiotherapist to use reiki or some other mystical pagan practice on us. 

However, it is good to remember that Eastern practices are permeated with New Age Buddhism and Hinduism.  We must be careful when we do seek medical and other help.  Exercises such as yoga, and ‘sports’ such as karate and judo - even Zen gardening and Zen home decorating, all focus on the strange dragon-gods of Eastern mysticism. 

But let us not go overboard here as well.  Psychic self-defense and other rubbish notwithstanding, logic self-defense exercises strategies are not occulticThe non-religious use of ordinary medicinal herbs and medicine; non-religious exercise and healthy eating habits, ordinary gardening and home decorating, and ordinary books, art, entertainment, and games all full under this criterion.  Therefore, just as Scripture strictly forbids us to pervert God’s creation as described in this discussion, to consult spirits or to supposedly ‘call up the dead,’ and involve ourselves in Satanism in any way, so we can sin against God, other people, and ourselves by seeing everything as demonic and evil just because ‘house cleaners,’ who abuse God’s Word uncontextually, say so, (Jude v. 6-7; Deut. 18:10-14.)



Scripture clearly states that angels were created by God and for God.  Only God has charge over the angels.  Demons or fallen angels, disguising themselves as angels of light, will even pretend to obey humans in order to deceive them, but holy angels will obey no one but the Most High God, (Heb. 1:14; Ps. 91:11.) 

Consequently, if you are in contact with a guiding angel, orbs or other spirits – especially if you believe you are in control of ‘your’ angel or angels, you should consider whether you were involved in any of the dangerous occult practices mentioned in this discussion.  Remember, God views all occult and pagan practices as idolatry and witchcraft,  (1 Cor. 10:14-22.)

As the ‘whole world is in the deceptive power of the evil one,’ (1 Jn. 5:19,) most people fall into demonic traps without thinking.  Unscriptural and untested ‘miracles,’ and false teachings and prophecies in churches and other Christian meetings, deceive many believers to unknowingly open their thoughts up to demonic control

Through her well-published books and teachings, occultist Linda Goodman introduced thousands upon thousands of star-struck people to astrology, (either through star-sign personality reading or horoscope reading.)  Through a lack of Scriptural knowledge, many people also open demonic doors by reading their daily horoscopes, tea-cups, etcetera, ‘jokingly.’  However, God never thinks any form of idolatry or witchcraft is funny. 

Dangerous demonic computer games, TV shows, and books are controlling the minds of unbelievers, church Christians, and born again believers — especially the youth. ‘Traditional,’ tribal, and other cultic initiations ensnared millions more.  Motivational speeches, self-enriching seminars and many ‘team-building’ practices such as fire-walking are nothing more than camouflaged demonic initiations into the occult.  Fire rituals are especially dangerous.  I once heard of someone who, after a burning-coal-walking ritual, (which was disguised as ‘team-building’ fun,) experienced severe burning sensations in his lower legs.  His torment had no outward manifestation, medical cause or cure, but it drove him nearly insane without any form of relief. 

Thousands of occult traps bind the minds (thoughts and beliefs) of unbelievers, Christians, and Scripturally born again children of God alike to serve Satan in the occult — or in churches that never bring them to God

Þ But Jesus came to set the captives free, (Eph. 1:7: 12-14.) 

Whether you are a new believer, or a believer who needs to dedicate yourself anew to Jesus, be certain that you understand the Gospel and have submitted yourself sincerely to Jesus.  

If you were not baptized by immersion as a true disciple of Jesus, this is the time to take that step of obedience to Him. 

Prayerfully think back on your life and ask the Holy Spirit to reveal to you any such idolatry you might have forgotten, as well as false church sacraments and other false practices you participated in.  Then, confess and renounce all those sins by name, and repent from it all.  Ask God to cleanse you from all unrighteousness through the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ, to set you free forever, and to seal every “door” that your sin have opened to the occult world, (1 Jn. 1:8-10.)    

From this day forward, willfully deny everything occultic.  Fill your mind with true, contextual Scripture from the Bible and ask the Holy Spirit to flood your heart, soul (or mind, free will, intellect, and emotions,) and life with His peace and sober-mindedness, (Rom. 12:1-3.)  

Above all, grow in Christ by actively obeying the precepts of God’s New Testament/Covenant Moral Law.   As God grants you wisdom and strength to overcome the battles we all have to face each day, He will lead you forward in His Everlasting Way of spiritual freedom, blessing, and healing.  

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