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Is It Scriptural that Women should Minister in Public (or in church) Just As Men do? 


Renette Vermeulen


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Þ Let us be absolutely clear on the matter that the entire, contextual Truth of the Word of the Lord Jesus Christ throughout the Bible can never be altered or snuffed out.  Jesus proclaimed in Mark 13:31, “Heaven and earth will pass away, but My Words will by no means pass away.” 

This does not mean that very bad men, who were in charge of the New Testament Scriptures for nearly 2,000 years, did not tamper with certain passages, verses, and words, as Jesus said, also the Pharisees did during the Old Testament era, (Mark 7:13.) 


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Let it also be just as clear: it is impossible that God will violate His own Word, (Ps. 89:34; Numbers 23:19.) He proclaimed in Acts 2:17-18, “[Fulfilling the Old Testament prophecy in Joel 2:28 at Pentecost,] I will pour out My [indwelling] Spirit on all [sincerely believing] flesh, (Jn. 3:16.)  And your sons and daughters shall prophesy… [minister My Word.] And on My menservants [ministers] and on my maidservants [ministers] I will pour out My Spirit…  And they shall prophesy [or minister My Word.]” 

Þ Jesus’ servant Paul understood this great truth and undeniably taught that in the Spiritual Kingdom of Christ, spiritually, there are no longer any race, social status, and gender, “for we are all one in Christ Jesus… and [therefore,] you are all of Abraham’s believing, [New Covenant] seed…”  (Gal. 3:26-29.) 

 So, could Paul have suffered from spiritual schizophrenia to also command that “women must be saved through childbirth,” and in complete contradiction of God’s Word, as seen in Acts 2:17-18, declare that he ‘does not allow women to preach,’ etcetera?  


What is really going on here? 

Let us find the truth, which is, as always, in the true context of Scripture.  I report; you be the judge. 

Þ Jesus Himself rebuked the misogynist [women-hater] Pharisees in Mark 7:13 & Mt. 15:6, saying, “...You have made the commandment of God of no effect by your traditionAnd many such things you do.”  They even changed God’s everlasting Creation Principles on marriage to ‘legalize’ their hard-hearted sin of fornication and adultery by changing the “law of Moses to divorce their wives for any reason,” as Jesus declared in Mt. 19:3-8.  (Only women were stoned for adultery; not men.) 

It is a great deception that “every single word in the Bible was dictated by God Himself.”  Paul commanded in 1 Ths. 5:21-22, “Do not despise [God’s supernatural gifts.]  But test all things; [even what you read in the Bible in the context of “all Scripture.”]  Hold fast what is good. Abstain from every form of evil.”  John confirmed in 1 Jn. 4:1-4, “Do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see if they are of God.  For many false [teachers and] prophets have gone out into the world…” 

Every time Satan quoted Scripture that did not apply to the context and purpose of Jesus’ situation in the wilderness, Jesus corrected him as follows, “It is written… It is also written… Away with you, Satan!  For it is written…”  (Mt. 4:1-11.) 

Þ Yet, just as the Old Testament scribes whom Jesus rebuked in Mark 7:13, Bible translators also changed some of the original words and their meanings to insert deceptions into the Bible. Catholics, Protestant Bible translators, and modern church hierarchies even manufactured their own Bibles.  This also affected the Bible as we know it. 

For instance, the word and meaning of “ecclesia,” (the first unofficial assemblies of personally born again believers in homes,) were substituted with the word and completely different meaning of “church.”  During the latter part of the first century, the emerging Catholic Church systematically swallowed Jesus’ persecuted “Followers of The Way” by secretly poisoning them with church heresies, (Acts 11:26.) Thus, they made them comfortable in church religion and destroyed their home assemblies or “ecclesia,” (Acts 7:48; 9:2; 19:23.) 

So, The Followers of The Way were changed into Catholic (and later Protestant) church members called “Christians,” which means “little gods and christs of the church system,” (Acts 11:26.)  Christianity became the religious institution of the Roman Empire.  During the Protestant Reformation, the false word “church” as well as it’s unscriptural church clergy were transferred to the King James version of the Bible

Þ Jesus, during His life and on Golgotha, completely fulfilled and then completely annulled the Old Testament Covenant with the Hebrew nation, (Heb. 8:13; Chapters 7-9.)  Thus, all believers must know about this falsification of the Word of God, to interpret the Scriptures in the context of “all Biblical truth,” viewed from the perspective of Jesus’ eternal, unchangeable, New Testament Covenant



Þ Men were polluted with misogyny [the hatred of women] at the fall

Þ The sin of misogyny cannot be part of Scripture or the holy, spiritual body/bride of Christ 

Þ The “Jezebel spirit” is another neat piece of misogynist witchcraft 

Þ Misogynists confuse the woman’s place in marriage with her calling to manage creation as the man’s equal, (Gen. 1:27-28.)  

Þ God must violate His own Word in Acts 2:17-18 to exclude women from ministry 

Þ Why does the Bible only speak of male elders, deacons, and “bishops?” 

Þ Paul the misogynist, or Paul the advocate of complete spiritual freedom for all in Christ?  

Þ Should all women have a male ‘head;’ even if it’s a strange man like the pastor

Þ Let women keep silent in the assemblies… as also says [what] Law???”

Þ I do not allow women to teach or to exercise authority over men…”  But anyone “absorbing authority by teaching” is sinning according to Jesus’ own words. 

Þ 1 Tim. 2:15, “The woman shall be saved in childbearing, if they continue in faith and charity with sobriety.”  What happened to Jesus’ atonement and salvation through the truth of His Gospel? 



The sin of misogyny entered into Adam at the fall.  When God asked him to account for what he had done, instead of honestly confessing his sin, he answered, (acting as if he did not know that God forbade them to eat of that fruit,) “The woman You gave me… gave me of the fruit and I ate,” (Gen. 3:12.) 

Þ That is why God actually warned Eve in Gen. 3:16, (paraphrased,) “[Henceforward, the male, now filled with hatred for women, (either intentionally or simply by setting the example,) will also teach his sons to abuse women on all levels of life.  And because you shifted your priorities from Me to your husband and he is physically so much stronger than you, he will [violently and oppressively] rule over you.” 

Jesus forbade everyone to rule harshly over anyone else.  “Ruling” is a dreadful sin, which is seated in all forms of narcissism, (Mark 10:42-43.)  Thus, at the fall in Eden, God would never have commanded the husband to rule over his wifeJesus is the All-good God and in Him there is no evil.  He taught that leadership and so-called “greatness” in His Spiritual Kingdom can only come through humble serving.  This must be the mark of true “ministers” or servant-slaves in Christ — and also of servant-leader husbands, (Eph. 5:28.) 



1. The New Testament Covenant Truth of Jesus is summarized in the following wonderful verse, “God so loved the world, [every person from “every tribe, tongue, and nation,” Rev. 5:9-10,] that He gave His Only Begotten Son, so that whoever [personally and sincerely] believes in Him, will not perish, but have [present tense] everlasting life,” (Jn. 3:16, Kjv.)  Spiritually, there is no race, status, or gender here. 

2. All sincere believers were “called from, [and thus completely delivered out of the kingdom of] darkness into His marvelous [Spiritual Kingdom of] Light,” to follow Jesus, The Light, as His Scripture-obeying disciples, (1 Pt. 2:9-10.)  Spiritually, there is no race, status, or gender here, (Jn. 18:36.) 

3. God’s children are all those who were born again through sincere faith in and personal acceptance of Jesus, (Jn. 1:12-14; 3:3-5.)  Spiritually, all real believers became “bone of Jesus’ bone and flesh of His flesh,” (Gal. 5:30.)  This is why all true believers, males too, are also called “the body,” “virgins” and the “bride of Christ,” (Mt. 25:1-11.)  Spiritually, there is no race, status, or gender here. 

4. Jesus’ “calling,” (to be set apart for Him in His Kingdom;) anointing, authority, and the power of the indwelling Holy Spirit, enable every personally born again believer to follow Jesus in His Light, (Gal. 3:28; Acts 1:8.)  The Man Jesus is The Anointed Redeemer, New Covenant Maker, and Mediator between all sincerely believing human beings and God.  Thus, all those who were born from “Water and Spirit,” (not water baptism itself but the Truth of God’s Word, Jesus,) must be His follower-disciples, (Jn. 4:21-24.)  Neither is there is race, status, or gender here. 

5. In Gal. 4:4-8, “...God sent His Son…  to redeem [or fully deliver all true believers from the kingdom of darkness,] so that they might receive the adoption as sons.  And because they are sons, God has sent forth the Spirit of His Son into their hearts...”  In Christ, all genuine believers “are one.”  Together, both males and females are His spiritual “sons, [the brethren,] body, children, virgins, and bride.” 



To understand both the male and the female’s positions in life, (physical, emotional, and spiritual,) it is vital to understand that “God created [both] male and female [humanity] in His own image.  Then God blessed them [both] and said to them [both,] ‘Be fruitful and multiply [on all levels of life,] fill the earth and subdue [or manage] it, and have dominion over [every creature to take care of them,]’” (Gen. 1:27-28.) 

Managing the earth or everything that pertains to life on earth together, was God’s main creation principle for male and female humanity even before He instituted the marriage covenant.  The fall did not change or annul any of these commandments of God.  Male and female humanity must still work together on equal terms in managing everything on earth – a fact that is never preached! 

1. When God created man, He decided, (Gen. 2:18,) “It is not good for him to be alone.  I will make him a helper comparable [equal, similar, akin] to him.”  God made one husband and then made him only one wife, who is “comparable” to him!  There is no such thing that God made the man with a higher libido and so, he is more ‘sex-driven’ and ‘sexually active’ than the woman.  If that were true, God would have taken all Adam’s ribs and made him a whole harem of so-called “wives.” That is a false misogynist mirage, which tries to justify the promiscuity of fallen, sinful men while condemning the promiscuity of women.  Yet, sin is sin in both genders, and all of humanity has the same needs and desires because, although male and female are anatomically different, they are similar to each other in soul, (free will, emotions, and intelligence,) and spiritually, (in conscience, communion with God, and intuition.)  The lust of man is a fallen mind-state, from which both males and females must repent. 

2. It is clear that the woman was created female only for her “own” male husband [singular] in the marriage covenant, just as the man was created male only for his “own,” female wife [singular] in the marriage covenant, (Gen. 2:18, 24.)  No other man, angel, or anyone else has any say in the marriage covenant, where only Jesus Christ is the Head of them both, (1 Cor. 7:2-4.)  Just as the different members in the spiritual body of Christ, in marriage too, both the husband and the wife are commanded to “submit to one another” in everything good, Godly, and true, (Eph. 5:21.) 

3. Therefore, the woman’s femininity and the man’s masculinity mean absolutely nothing outside the marriage covenant.  In both secular life and in the spiritual body of Christ where gender has no place, (Gal. 3:28,) God commanded male and female to manage His physical creation, and His spiritual body of believers in conjunction with one another, (Gen. 2:27-28; Mt. 19:3-10; Acts 2:17-18.)

However, ignoring God’s unchangeable creation principle for male and female to “manage the earth together,” which pertains to everything outside the marriage covenant, misogynists made all females subject to the sinful rule of all males in general, as if they all have marriage rights to all women. No wonder polygamy, adultery, violence against women and children, rape, child molestation, etcetera, were and are still rampant in all patriarchic societies, (Gen. 2:27-28; Acts 2:17-18,)

Look where the millions of male leaders of their false church systems brought the body of Christ with their deceptive doctrines, norms, forms, and church rule, which they have militantly and deceptively forced onto the whole world — and onto Jesus’ spiritual body, bride, or sons for nearly two millennia. 



Oh, I can hear those misogynists now, “You are ignoring everything Paul said because, as all women who try to teach God’s Word, you have the spirit of Jezebel in you! 

We will get to what Paul said.  Firstly, ‘female’ demons or female angels do not existAll the angels were created male, long before the fall of the evil one and his demons.  So, all evil, (deception and sexual perversion especially,) originated before the fall in Eden and manifested later through males, (Gen. 6.) 

Þ Thus, it is another satanic falsification that women are ‘temptresses’ of satyrs or sex-mad men.  Both male and female prostitutes, fornicators, and adulterers are perverted whores or harlots.  Yet, as seen in the example of fallen angels, it has always been mostly men that advance on innocent women and little girls. Even one of the greatest harlots that ever lived, King Solomon, said he cannot understand the seductive “way of a man with an [innocent] maiden,” (Prov. 30:19.) 

Secondly, according to the truth of Scripture, the so-called ‘Jezebel spirit’  dogma is another neat piece of witchcraft that turns truth into perversion, (and so is the ‘passive’ Ahab and ‘controlling’ Jezebel rubbish,) which has nothing to do with female teachers and preachers in the Kingdom of God, (Acts 2:17-18.) 

Þ The whore of Babylon, the so-called “Jezebel spirit,” the ten virgins, and the holy bride of Christ are all symbolical women, (Rev. 2:20; 17 & 18,)  In Rev. 2:20, Jesus said to the corrupt church, “I have it against you that you allow that [figurative] woman Jezebel to teach [false doctrines that lead both male and female believers into sexual immorality and idolatry...]” 

Þ In fact, misogynist male witches have the spirit of Jezebel in them, for they “call themselves prophets, but they teach and seduce God’s servants” to follow false doctrine and to cling to Christianized pagan norms and forms in churches.  The women who spread fallacies in churches such as in Seventh Day Adventism and the Pentecostal-Charismatic Movement, were merely embroidering on the false dogmas and pagan church systems that were established by male supremacistsThus, in the full scope of church religion, false dogmas that really originated from women are nearly non-existent

It is also an immovable fact that God, throughout history, did not prevent evil men from adding to, or changing His Word, (Mark 7:13.)  Paul was not a god, as the Roman Catholic Church and most Protestants see him.  Not one of the apostles or anyone else except the Man Jesus was “infallible.”  All Jesus’ disciples were ordinary humans, who had to be born again through faith in Him, and learn how to know and follow Him.  So, after Saul’s rebirth on the road to Damascus, he also had to grow in grace and the knowledge of Jesus Christ, (Heb. 5:7-11; 2 Pt. 3:18.)